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Prof. Ac Phd MSc


Reem Hanna

Professor ac. Reem Hanna is a faculty member at Department of Surgical Sciences and Integrated Diagnostics/University of Genoa (UniGe), where she teaches on Academic Master Degree in Laser Dentistry. She is an Associate Specialist in Department of Oral Surgery/King’s College Hospital/London/UK and an Honorary Associate Professor at UCL-Eastman Dental Institute/UK, where she is the coordinator and lead of Fellowship Courses in Laser Dentistry for dentists, hygienists and therapists.

She is an educator, clinician and experienced researcher. She lectures on the use of photobiomodulation in various clinical applications, as well on the use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy and surgical laser in oral applications.

She has been invited to present her work at several international conferences, as an invited/keynote presenter. She achieved her PhD in Photomedicine from UniGe/2020 and has received publications in over 32 peer reviewed papers on the use of phototherapy in dentistry. She is an Executive Board Member and Chair of the Scientific Committee of British Medical Laser Association.

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